Goldador Puppies

If you’re looking for a friendly, loyal, smart companion—the Goldador is your ticket! Give us a call (254-855-0911) or send us an email (

Also known as Golden Labradors, the Goldador is a hybrid of two of the most popular dogs in North America. A wonderful family pet, amazing service dog (they’re even used as bomb sniffing dogs) and superb hunting companion, we wonder if there’s anything the Goldador can’t do well. Known for its trainability and willingness to please, this designer breed is a breeze to train, as he just wants to make you happy.

Ideal for a wide range of families and lifestyles, this hard-working dog would be a joy to any household. Whether they are playing, working or relaxing, your Goldador’s favorite place will be by your side. Is the Goldador the right dog for you? Read on to learn more about this breed.


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